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Efficient and Productive Public Service

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To provide a service in line with the government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper co-ordination of resources and participation of the people.

Medawachchiya Division is located on the northern edge of the Anuradhapura district. It is surrounded by Vawuniya district to the north, Kebithigollewa Division to the East, Kahatagasdigiliya Division to the South-East. Rambewa Division to the South and Nuwaragampalatha Central Division to the North-West.

There are many historic places in this Division. But the most of them have not been archeologically explored yet.

For nearly three decades civil war negatively affected to development activities as well as social and economic conditions. However we hope with positive aspect this situation can be rehabilitated.

This division consists 418.79 square kilo meters. There are 37 Grama Niladari divisions and 104 villages belong to this Division. Population density is almost Fifty Thousand ,most of them are living in rural villages with difficulties. 

Irrigation Systems and Aggricultural Activities

There are 07 huge irrigation and 309 small and medium scale irrigation in this division. Mainly lakes are filled up by rain brought by North-East  monsoon, as well as inter monsoon rain. Major cultivation is paddy, in addition to that black gram, green gram, maize, onions and vegetables are grown.

Historical Background

Historic temples and ruins remained in some places reveal historical importance of this Division. "Issenbessagala Purana Ruwangiri Rajamaha Viharaya" is the most important ancient temple among temples in this division. Because it has various historic stories as well as nice rock temple situated near A-9 road. The Issenbessagala derived its name from "Irsheen Bessa Gala". In history, prophets had come to this place therefore it was called "Irsheen Bessa Gala".  But some people believe that the Arahath Mahinda visited the Mihinthalaya from the top of this rock before went to  Mihinthalaya.

"Kidagalegama Sri Dalada Viharaya" is the another important  temple in this area. Prince Dantha and Princes Hemamala who brought the Buddha's Tooth relic to  Sri Lanka, stayed at this place for a day.


Most of people are living straitened and rural areas in Medawachchiya division. Their main source of income is Agriculture. However,low income rate, minor infrastructure facilities, dry climate influence their living condition.


District hospital which situated in Medawachchiya n is the main hospital in this division. The General Hospital at Anuradhapura is situated 35 km far away from Medawachchiya. But only these two hospitals are not  sufficient for manage quality and healthy lives of people in Medawachchiya division. Promoting Medawachchiya district hospital to base hospital is one of their dreams.

Kidney disease is the most harmful  malady in this area. Therefore a kidney unit is essential thing for this division. People believe drinking water is the reason for Kidney disease. Most of dying people in one year are kidney diseased people. There are many people who infected from kidney disease and there may be higher number of unidentified kidney diseased people are living this area.


Schools must develop definitely furthermore except Maithreepala Senanayaka National School and some another schools. Those poor schools haven't good enough facilities and materials for perfect studies. Most of students  who studies at these schools are come from poor and rural families. Because of these reasons many of students had been achieved better level in education.

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1974 - 1976


Mr.Edmen Jayasooriya

1976 - 1979



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1983 - 1984



1984 - 1985


Mr.Darmadasa Senadeera

1985 - 1988


Mr.Ananda Ekanayaka

1988 - 1992


Mr.Ariyadasa Boralugoda

1992 - 1997


Mr.Ananda Ekanayaka

1997 - 1998(Acting)



1998 - 2001



2001 - 2002(Acting )



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2003/09/22 - 2006/02/28



2006/03/01 - 2014/03/30

17. Mr. A.M.C.M. Premasooriya 2014/03/31 - 2014/08/31
18. Mr. D.M.S. Dasanayaka 2014/09/03


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